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Finishing Department

The Quality Castings Company constructed a new grinding and finishing facility in 2014. This new department added an additional 50,000 square feet to the facility.

The company now has over 400,000 square feet under roof across the 3 plants located in Orrville, Ohio.

New Department Specifications

  • 50,000 Square Feet
  • (41) Grinding Stations
  • (7) 30" Snag Grinders
  • (3) Swing Grinders
  • (2) Foxall Automatic Grinding Machines
Belt Line

Parts are placed on a 270 foot belt line after finishing. At the end of the belt line is a robotic manipulator which stacks castings in preparation for painting or shipping.

Dust Collector

The building is serviced by a 130,000 CFM dust collector.

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